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Business Strategy: Do you know what's the problem with yours?
 @resultsdotcom what%27s the problem with your strategy resized 600

The majority of managers believe that their companies lack a winning strategy. They struggle to set a clear and differentiating strategy, struggle to ensure that their day-to-day activities are aligned to executing their strategy, and they struggle to allocate resources in a way that supports the strategy - according to a Booz & Co survey of more than 1,800 managers. 

Business Leader? Learn how to say "NO" to improve your productivity
 @resultsdotcom learning how to say no can improve productivty

Business leaders tend to be incredibly busy individuals. “Busyness” should never be confused with effectiveness however. We need to switch from being busy, to achieving results.

Business Strategy: 5 tips for effective task management
 @RESULTSdotcom 5 tips for effective task management resized 600

From observing many thousands of clients using software, I have learned some subtle differences that can make your Task management and Delegation much more effective.

Business Execution Advice: how to build teams that can execute.
 how to build teams that can execute on strategy

In a previous article we looked at how to create highly productive virtual teams. This article focuses on research conducted by MIT that measured the key factors common to great teams - those teams which function effectively and achieve business execution success. Here is my take on the research: 

GROW method: to grow your team and employee engagement
 the grow method how to grow your team and improve employee engagement resized 600

In a previous growth tip I wrote about why you should not have an “open door” management policy, and the phenomena known as “reverse delegation.” This is where a team member gets into the habit of coming directly to you with a problem or suggestion and asks, “What do you think we should do?” 

What kind of manager are you? Which style drives employee engagement?
   do you know what kind of manager you are  resized 600

I read some interesting research in HBR recently where 160,576 employees and 30,661 managers were studied to determine what style of management produced the most engaged, productive employees. Here is our take on the research findings: 

Are you practicing the 5 to 1 Ratio?

management employee engagement business execution

Think about your romantic relationship. Studies show that unless your positive interactions with your partner outnumber the negative interactions by a ratio of 5 to 1, the relationship is likely to fail. Yes, it takes 5 good interactions to make up for every 1 bad interaction.

12 signs you're a micromanager: it's killing employee engagement!


5 sales KPI Pitfalls! (avoid at all co$t$)

KPI mistakes resized 600

 Sales KPIs can make, or break, your sales results.

Business Strategy Success? Don't chase squirrels!
 strategic execution tips   how to stay focused on strategic objectives resized 600

This article is part of our series to help you create a robust one page plan for your company // Excerpted from the book: Business Execution for RESULTS, by Stephen Lync

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