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How to manage highly productive virtual teams

productivity virtual team

The last few weeks have seen me working remotely from locations in the USA (San Francisco) and throughout New Zealand (Oamaru, Hamilton, and Auckland). Even though I have been working remotely for many years now, I still have to pinch myself from time to time and reaffirm my gratitude for the technologies that allow me to perform my role and continue to work with clients no matter where in the world I am located.

How will you measure your life?

How will you measure your life?

One of the books that has impacted me the most in recent years is How will you measure your life? by Harvard Professor, Clayton Christensen (of The Innovator’s Dilemma fame)

Company Culture isn't just fluff, it's about business RESULTS

how a good company culture improves bottom line business results resized 600

Company culture. It isn’t about the fluffy stuff. Company Culture is completely about your bottom-line [helpful infographic enclosed].

5 benefits of radical transparency in business

@RESULTSdotcom the 5 benefits of radical transparency in business by @joefcole resized 600

Transparency is something most people value, whether it’s in business, politics or with personal relationships. Unfortunately, in many cases, the word transparency is used as little more than a buzzword. 

So. What does transparency mean? In its simplest sense, being transparent in business means clear, unhindered honesty – so zero hidden agendas or conditions and making information available to everyone.

Productivity killer: how much work is simply too much?

@RESULTSdotcom how much work is too much resized 600

Researchers started studying the relationship between worker hours and productivity during WW2 when Britain was trying to maximize the efficiency and output of munitions plants in order to quickly supply weapons to the troops on the front lines. Factories pushed their workers to the limit in an effort to maximize wartime production.

Company Culture Key to Client Success
 client JFM%27s key to client engagement is company culture resized 600

Core values serve as the building block for a strong company culture. It might be an exaggerated comparison, but core values are like your company’s version of the “ten commandments.” They help provide your company direction and serve as its moral compass.

Warren Buffett business strategy advice: prioritization & goals
 the art of goal setting and priorities resized 600

The general manager of a manufacturing company contacted me to enquire about our software to help them more effectively execute their strategic plan. He said that they always conduct annual planning at the end of each year and come up with a list of things they want to do in the coming year.

How RESULTS-based is your company culture?
 @RESULTSdotcom how results based is your company culture resized 600

Guest blog post by Geary Morales, Success Solutions International, LLC

Cultural Conquest or Crisis: 4 Secrets to Drive Corporate Performance

4 secrets to improving corporate culture

Many business leaders acknowledge the importance of employee engagement, but few actually know what tangible things they can do to motivate and engage their team. Adding to this problem, I found an interesting note in a Harvard Business Review article which indicated that the employee engagement score declines as you go down an organization’s org chart. Effectively this suggests there is a disconnect between leadership and their respective teams.  

2014 wrap up and lessons learned

Love to learn

Welcome to the last Business Growth Tips article for 2014. I want to start by saying a big thank you to everyone who takes the time to read these weekly articles, who share our content via social media, or take the time to stop by and leave your comments.

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