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Ready for 2015? Advice on how to start your 2015 business strategy

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There’s so much excitement at the end of the year, sometimes it's hard to contain. I suppose it’s the holiday music, lots of food, crazy sale’s discounts, change of seasons, and of course lots of merriment with friends and family.

Business Success Lessons from billionaire Peter Thiel

Zero to One

I recently read Peter Thiel’s excellent new book Zero to One and thought it worth sharing some of the key lessons with our audience.

Integrated Meetings = Military Precision

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The After Action Review (AAR) is a type of debrief meeting developed by the United States Army to help its soldiers capture the lessons, both positive and negative from each mission.

7 considerations for improved customer loyalty and retention
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I’ve read countless books and articles, and listened to numerous public speakers talking about the importance of providing outstanding customer service in order to “delight” customers. They talk about “moments of wow” and “fanatical support” and typically share stories about an employee from a company like Zappos or Nordstrum who did something completely unexpected and extraordinary for a customer.

Strategic Planning: Using Value Disciplines to Evangelize Customers
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Think about your ideal target customer for a moment, the one who’s right in the center of your marketing bull's-eye. What's most important for those customers?

Business Strategy Advice: WOOP it up in 2015!
 @RESULTSdotcom goal success for 2015 resized 600

I have read a great number of personal development books over the years that espouse the power of belief and positive thinking. Some of the better known books that have achieved best seller status over the last 100 years include: Think and Grow Rich, The Power of Positive Thinking, You Can Heal Your Life, The Secret, and I’m sure you can add a great many more of your own.

The pros and cons of open plan offices

Open plan office

Where I live in San Francisco, the tech firms are gradually taking over inner city buildings and warehouses. When you look inside, you’ll see that they tend to favor open plan offices, where everyone is seated at tables in one big open space. I often wonder whether the decision to configure their work environments in this manner is based on a rational analysis of the pros and cons of the impact on their workforce, or whether they are blindly following the current trend like everyone else?

Business strategy: like flying a plane... so where are you going?
 @resultsdotcom Business Strategy resized 600

The OODA loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) was a concept originally applied to fighter pilots, developed by Colonel John Boyd of the US Air Force. OODA has since become an important concept in both military strategy and business strategy.

Business execution: Is your business focused on RESULTS?


Employee Engagement: Are you a bad boss? How to fix it.

Bad Bosses @joefcole resized 600

Most people have had their share of “bad bosses.” According to research by Gallup, it’s a leading factor as to why so many people are actively disengaged at work. In fact almost 70% in the USA alone are disengaged because they have a bad manager.  

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