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The 5 Hallmarks of a BAD Strategy

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One of the more interesting books I’ve read in the last couple of years is the book, Good Strategy Bad Strategy, by Richard Rumelt, and I thought it worth repeating the key points again. wins in Management category at Book Awards

Book awards

The book “Business Execution for RESULTS” written by’s Stephen Lynch was  named Winner in the “Management” category of the USA’s 2014 Small Business Book Awards. 

Radical Transparency. Good for engagement. Good for your brand.


Transparency is something most people value, whether it’s in business, politics or with personal relationships. Unfortunately, in many cases, the word transparency is used as little more than a buzzword. 

Tips for setting effective Tasks

Task management business execution

From observing many thousands of clients using software, I have learned some subtle differences that can make your Task management and Delegation much more effective.

What Google knows about great management

Google - Larry PAge

I read a fascinating bio on Larry Page, the co-founder and CEO of Google. The story goes that for many years he was “anti-management”. After all, Google went to great lengths to only hire the most talented software engineers, and he thought that having a layer of supervisors to manage them and prioritize their work was an unnecessary cost and impediment to getting work done. He reasoned that Google’s team of highly talented people should be able to self-organize and manage themselves. Interestingly, we are now seeing other tech companies like Zappos experiment with this approach. 

5 steps to improve brand perception with better customer service

Customer Expereince and your brand resized 600

Just as rave reviews about a company can travel quickly across social media, so can stories of rude service or a company being unresponsive to their customers. Social media and mobile devices have given customers a voice like they've never had before.

Do your Key Performance Indicators pass the tropical island test?

The Tropical Island test for KPIs

This article is part of our series to help you create a robust one page plan for your company:

10 tips for more effective email execution

10 Tips for more effective emails

The number of software tools we have for communication and collaboration is expanding all the time, but the trusty old email is going to be with us for a while yet. Depending on which research you look at, approximately 300 billion emails got sent every day, and the average business leader receives 100+ emails per day. It is becoming increasingly stressful to keep on top of it all.

Strategic Projects - Don't go chasing squirrels

Don't go chasing squirrels

This article is part of our series to help you create a robust one page plan for your company:

2 reasons why your company isn't meeting its goals

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A survey published in Training magazine showed that employees want to discuss their Goals, Tasks and Results frequently, but most managers are not making the time to have these conversations. Here is a summarized overview. 

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