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Management - are you up to it?

Business execution

We see lots of managment articles about how important it is to empower employees. We are encouraged to give people clear directions and the necessary authority to get the job done, and then take a step back to let them get it on with it without micromanaging them. 

How to create highly productive virtual teams

Business execution and virtual teams

In the past, it was thought that you needed to work face to face in order to create highly productive teams (and Yahoo made headlines in 2013 by requiring everyone to turn up to the office), but is this a fact or just an opinion? 

Managers are not discussing Goals often enough

Managers need to meet with employees more often

A survey published in Training magazine showed that employees want to discuss their Goals, Tasks and Results frequently, but most managers are not making the time to have these conversations. Here is a summarized overview. 

What style of management produces the most engaged employees?
 employee engagement

I read some interesting research in HBR recently where 160,576 employees and 30,661 managers were studied to determine what style of management produced the most engaged, productive employees. Here is our take on the research findings: 

Tips for Getting Things Done in Business

Business execution tips for getting things done

Start by clearly defining what “done” looks like. We see far too many companies choosing Project Goals to improve their business without a clearly defined finish line of what the “100% completed” Project looks like. Or, if the Project is part of a longer-term strategic initiative, what is the specific milestone that you intend to reach by the end of this quarter? 

Don't be so quick to dismiss "military style" leadership

Business Execution lessons from the military

Modern management books and articles write dismissively of the so-called “command and control” style of leadership (except of course when Steve Jobs was doing the commanding and controlling). The authors infer that the so-called “military style” of leadership does not belong in the modern business environment. 

Accountability is meaningless without consequences

Business Execution Accountability Consequences

Without a doubt, the most stressful times in my management career have involved dealing with poor performing employees. What follows is an approach to help you turn things around for the better. 

The importance of stopping to reflect

Business Execution requires time to reflect

If you are anything like me, life seems to be getting busier and busier, and the rate of change means you feel like you are running faster and faster just to keep up. The ability to drive business execution at a rapid pace is a vital ingredient on the path to success, but if you are not careful, you can become so stuck in “busy-mode”, that you spend all of your time “doing” and not enough time “thinking, reflecting and learning”. 

How to "win" each and every week

Business Execution is all about the 1 thing

Let us imagine that you have just updated your strategic plan at the end of the quarter, and are about to dive into your next 90 day sprint with a handful of key projects to be implemented by your team before the end of the coming quarter. 

Do you know what is expected of you at work?

Business Execution requires clear expectations

Employee engagement surveys continually show that most employees do not agree with the simple statement, “I know what is expected of me at work.” How can someone meet the performance standards for their role if they don't even know what they are?

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