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Are you a bad boss? How to identify it and how to fix it.

Bad Boss

Most people have had their share of “bad bosses.” According to research by Gallup, it’s a leading factor as to why so many people are actively disengaged at work. In fact almost 70% in the USA alone are disengaged because they have a bad manager.  

Insightful observations about leadership


I recently read a great interview in the New York Times with David Cote, chairman and CEO of Honeywell. He made some insightful observations about leadership which I have summarized and commented on here. 

The “ownership gene”

Take ownership

My colleague Ben Ridler, CEO, says that he looks to recruit people who have what he calls, “the ownership gene”. 

How to get everyone on the same page
 One page strategic plan

A few years back I attended a presentation given by business author and former Gallup researcher, Marcus Buckingham. One of the highlights of his presentation was how he defined the difference between leadership and management as per his book, First Break All the Rules - What the world's greatest managers do differently. 

Do you have a “Bad Strategy”?

The perils of bad strategy

One of the more interesting books I’ve read in the last couple of years is the book, Good Strategy Bad Strategy, by Richard Rumelt, and I thought it worth repeating the key points again. 

Leadership is not a democracy

General George Patton

Most management writers these days encourage leaders to be more participative and collaborative in their decision making. Gone are the days of the top-down, hierarchical organization of the past they say! But then why does the business media continue to make heroes out of highly autocratic leaders, writing biographies about them, and sticking them on the magazine covers? 

What advice would you give to your younger self?
 leadership advice

Imagine you could go back in time to when you were starting out as a manager, leader or entrepreneur. What 1 piece of advice would you give to your younger self? 

Don't be so quick to dismiss "military style" leadership

Business Execution lessons from the military

Modern management books and articles write dismissively of the so-called “command and control” style of leadership (except of course when Steve Jobs was doing the commanding and controlling). The authors infer that the so-called “military style” of leadership does not belong in the modern business environment. 

The GROW method for growing your people

Business Execution - the GROW method

In a previous growth tip I wrote about why you should not have an “open door” management policy, and the phenomena known as “reverse delegation.” This is where a team member gets into the habit of coming directly to you with a problem or suggestion and asks, “What do you think we should do?” 

Attitude Counts

Business execution success requires the right attitude

The best thing about my role is that I get to work with a variety of business leaders, many different companies, and a wide range of industries. Reflecting on patterns and trends is something I often do, as I work to develop effective ways of teaching and facilitating research-based best practice to a particular client situation.

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