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7 ways to be an awesome manager (to improve employee engagement)
 7 ways to be an awesome manager to drive employee engagement

Research contained in the book “The Progress Principle” identifies key principles proven to help business leaders drive better employee engagement and business resultsHere's our take / 7 ways to be an awesome manager:

what GEN Y wants [@work]
 GEN Y solutions

You’ve probably heard a lot of talk about Gen Y (or the millennial generation) so let’s put some context around who that exactly is and why you should pay attention to what’s happening. If you’re part of the previous generation (Gen X), you may have a testy relationship with your younger colleagues, so I’ll include some insights on how to better engage them.

Developing a sustainable R&R (Reward and Recognition) program.
 Reward & Recognition

Guest blog post by Nicky Powers: @nicki_powers_ 
Digital Marketing Manager at Zeis Group

Some of the largest and most successful organizations are still operating Reward and Recognition (R&R) programs in isolation from where work actually takes place. These types of programs are born from necessary, but purely rational conversations about rule structures and liability…and they completely miss the point.

How to really motivate your people

Make progress visible to drive business execution success

Good news. The key to motivating your people turns out to be largely within your control. It has nothing to do with money or incentive systems, or even recognizing your people. The top motivator of employee performance is in fact - "progress".

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