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Management Dashboard: A case for business results (the facts)
 @RESULTSdotcom KPI dashboards resized 600

The implementation of a business management dashboard in companies drives productivity and performance improvements in many areas. This fact has been illustrated and verified by a variety of research studies in the past decade:

Managers must weed the garden

Management accountability

One of the benefits of working with is that we get to observe thousands of teams working on their Goals, and by analyzing the patterns we quickly learn what works and what doesn’t in terms of achieving better business results.

Company Culture: 8 traits of good managers (according to Google).
 @RESULTSdotcom   8 traits that good managers should embody resized 600

I read a fascinating bio on Larry Page, the co-founder and CEO of Google. The story goes that for many years he was “anti-management”. After all, Google went to great lengths to only hire the most talented software engineers, and he thought that having a layer of supervisors to manage them and prioritize their work was an unnecessary cost and impediment to getting work done. He reasoned that Google’s team of highly talented people should be able to self-organize and manage themselves. Interestingly, we are now seeing other tech companies like Zappos experiment with this approach. 

What's all this nonsense about transparency in business?


Ignoring transparency in business is radically silly. 5 benefits that transparency can bring your business and some ways you can embrace it. 

Business Strategy: How better customer service can improve your brand

how to protect your brand with better customer service @joefcole resized 600

Just as rave reviews about a company can travel quickly across social media, so can stories of rude service or a company being unresponsive to their customers. Social media and mobile devices have given customers a voice like they've never had before.

Company Culture: The Results Way

Company Culture done the results way @resultsdotcom @benridler resized 600

The Results way is our philosophy of how to do business in the new world. It is based on extensive research of best-practices, what works, and what doesn't. And it’s based on our personal experience from more than a decade of working one-on-one with thousands of business owners and teams, helping them to grow their businesses and realize their vision. 

Company Culture: If you're not leading leaders, you're not leading
 @RESULTSdotcom Leadership Lessons resized 600

Lately the question of, “What is great leadership? has been coming into my world.  It's a question that has never been more important in the business world. We are now replacing low-paid manual labor and processing, with a smarter, more skilled, younger workforce. This is great in some ways, but also the new generation is far more likely to move from company to company than older generations. They are not used to being yelled at, they didn’t get caned at school, and will tell you to jump off a cliff if you deserve it (if not to your face then to their Facebook network which is worse).

Business Strategy: reasons why your company isn't meeting its goals

reasons why your company is missing its goals @RESULTSdotcom resized 600

A survey published in Training magazine showed that employees want to discuss their Goals, Tasks and Results frequently, but most managers are not making the time to have these conversations. Here is a summarized overview. 

Set yourself up to succeed

Goal setting

Do you know exactly what is expected of you at work?

Business Strategy: Do you know what's the problem with yours?
 @resultsdotcom what%27s the problem with your strategy resized 600

The majority of managers believe that their companies lack a winning strategy. They struggle to set a clear and differentiating strategy, struggle to ensure that their day-to-day activities are aligned to executing their strategy, and they struggle to allocate resources in a way that supports the strategy - according to a Booz & Co survey of more than 1,800 managers. 

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