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The pros and cons of open plan offices

Open plan office

Where I live in San Francisco, the tech firms are gradually taking over inner city buildings and warehouses. When you look inside, you’ll see that they tend to favor open plan offices, where everyone is seated at tables in one big open space. I often wonder whether the decision to configure their work environments in this manner is based on a rational analysis of the pros and cons of the impact on their workforce, or whether they are blindly following the current trend like everyone else?

Business Strategy lessons from fighter pilots

Business execution lessons from fighter pilots

The OODA loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) was a concept originally applied to fighter pilots, developed by Colonel John Boyd of the US Air Force. OODA has since become an important concept in both military strategy and business strategy.

Business execution: Is your business focused on RESULTS?


Employee Engagement: Are you a bad boss? How to fix it.

Bad Bosses @joefcole resized 600

Most people have had their share of “bad bosses.” According to research by Gallup, it’s a leading factor as to why so many people are actively disengaged at work. In fact almost 70% in the USA alone are disengaged because they have a bad manager.  

Are you overworked and overwhelmed?


A 2013 study found that the average business leader is connected to their work 72 hours a week. There are only 168 hours in a week, so if the leader is spending 72 of them working and let’s say eight hours a day (56 hours a week) on sleeping, eating and bathing, that only leaves 40 hours a week to do everything else they need or want to do. 

The new book, Overworked and Overwhelmed: The Mindfulness Alternative by Scott Eblin deals with our “do more with less” culture and the 24/7 smartphone addicted environment that leaves many people teetering on the brink of a caffeine-addicted, sleep-deprived, stressed-out existence. 

I was interested to read about an ongoing a study at Google that is looking to determine the factors that make employees feel energized or deenergized. One of the big findings is that their workers fall into 2 groups:

  • 31% are segmenters who work when they’re at work and ignore it when they’re away from work.

Business strategy advice: brand positioning
 @RESULTSdotcom how to strategically position your brand resized 600

"You can have the greatest product in the world, the most superb service, but, if no one knows about it, you will have a warehouse full of excellent products, and you will be sitting around your office, waiting for the phone to ring. 

CEOs Top Job? Company Culture
 @RESULTSdotcom ceos top job = company culture resized 600

Get Real, creating authentic organizations.

Management Dashboard: A case for business results (the facts)
 @RESULTSdotcom KPI dashboards resized 600

The implementation of a business management dashboard in companies drives productivity and performance improvements in many areas. This fact has been illustrated and verified by a variety of research studies in the past decade:

Managers must weed the garden

Management accountability

One of the benefits of working with is that we get to observe thousands of teams working on their Goals, and by analyzing the patterns we quickly learn what works and what doesn’t in terms of achieving better business results.

Company Culture: 8 traits of good managers (according to Google).
 @RESULTSdotcom   8 traits that good managers should embody resized 600

I read a fascinating bio on Larry Page, the co-founder and CEO of Google. The story goes that for many years he was “anti-management”. After all, Google went to great lengths to only hire the most talented software engineers, and he thought that having a layer of supervisors to manage them and prioritize their work was an unnecessary cost and impediment to getting work done. He reasoned that Google’s team of highly talented people should be able to self-organize and manage themselves. Interestingly, we are now seeing other tech companies like Zappos experiment with this approach. 

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