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How to create highly productive virtual teams
 virtual teams resized 600

In the past, it was thought that you needed to work face to face in order to create highly productive teams (and Yahoo made headlines in 2013 by requiring everyone to turn up to the office), but is this a fact or just an opinion? 

Business Productivity: The 1-Thing that = business RESULTS?
 The 1 Thing resized 600

Successful strategy execution starts with understanding the vital few things your company needs to execute to move it along the path to future success. That is called strategy.  You then break those vital few things down into quarterly goals for your people to work on. Most companies stop here and wonder why they don't still don't get the results they are looking for. They might have made some good strategic decisions – but setting strategy is just the beginning. Here's some advice to improve business productivity and help you achieve that 1-Thing!

Company Culture: the research on how to create a winning company
 Company Culture resized 600

With the increasing pace of change in terms of technology disruption. globalization, and the changing nature of work itself, what should companies do to ensure they continue to survive and thrive? This article is my take on recent research published in Strategy+Business

Productivity: the "secret" to achieving your goals
 Productivity Tips resized 600

Many of us have heard about the so called “secret” or "law of attraction", and many popular self-help books suggest that merely dreaming, thinking, and willing something to happen can make it so. That is, if we imagine ourselves achieving our goals, it makes them magically happen. 

Employee Engagement: Tips for new managers
 5 Management Tips resized 600

Congratulations on becoming a manager.

Most new managers are left to sink or swim when they get promoted into a leadership role. The data is concerning, 40% of new managers don’t last 18 months. Why do so many companies tolerate the lost time, lost opportunities, lost money, and of course the inevitable heartache that comes with dealing with a new manager who does not perform?

Employee Engagement: Creativity + Innovation = (a real) ROI
 Creativity resized 600

Every business has some kind of competition. Technology and globalization has heightened this. Without a doubt, someone somewhere is grinding away to make a product just like yours, only less expensive, better looking, and faster. So what can you do to keep one step ahead?

Are you praising your people frequently enough?
 Praise your team resized 600

Ivan Pavlov was onto something with his dogs. Praise and recognition is the bell that drives human behavior. Saying, “Thank you” - is a universal concept with an underlying definition that means, “Please repeat that specific behavior again.”

Core Values + Company Culture – why do they matter?
 CoreValues CompanyCulture resized 600

Many companies have a core value statement that is printed beautifully in their literature or hanging on a plaque on the lobby wall.  But are your values really alive in your company?  Do they really matter? It should becasue your Core Values are a building block to your company culture. 

Employee engagement: management myths vs facts
 Management Myths vs Facts resized 600

I have read hundreds of business books over the years, and to be honest it’s hard to impress me these days. A lot of “so called” best-practices are often nothing more than the same old myths that keep getting perpetuated. As a result, I seek out authors who bring meaningful data and intellectual rigor to their work. One of them is Professor Bob Sutton from Stanford. 

Company culture: not what you are but what you do that = success.
 Successful teams resized 600

What are the reasons that some teams reach their goals, while others never seem to fulfill their potential? Successful teams achieve their goals not only because of "who they are", but more often because of “what they do.” 

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